HuiMing  Zhang


Department of Economics

Executive vice president of the Yangtze River Delta Research Institute , Fudan university

Vice president of the Marxism Research Institute

Director of the Enterprise Research Institute


Research Field

Theory and Practice of Modern Enterprises,Theory and Policy of Technological progress and Industrial organization 


Educational Background

Ph.D, Economics, Fudan University

Master, Economics, Fudan University

Bachelor,Economics, Fudan University


Work Experience

Vice President of the economics,Fudan university

Director of the liberal arts Scientific bureau

Dean of department of the Pacific financial,Fudan university


Awards on Research

Presided over more than ten provincial scientific research projects, and has won more than seven scientific research awards on the provincial or ministry level.


Representative Publications:

“the Logic of Chinese State-owned Enterprises’ Reform”

"Analysis of Modern Enterprise Property Rights in Theory "

“Studies of the state-owned capital structure adjustment ”

“The enterprise technology progress and the leapfrog development ”

 Published more than 100 journals in the national core publications