Wei Lin


Deputy Dean, Centre for Computational Systems Biology, Fudan University

Vice Dean, School of Mathematical Sciences, Fudan University


Research Fields

Nonlinear dynamical systems, bifurcation and chaos theory, hybrid (switching) systems, stochastic differential and difference equations, functional differential equations, chaos control and synchronization (adaptive techniques), complex networks, time series analysis, parameters estimation, model reconstruction, and computational systems biology.


Awards on Research

2011 Rising-Star (Tracked) Program (Grant No.11QH1400200, PI, 2 years), Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality, China

2010 Second Prize of the Fok-Ying-Tung Education Foundation Award for Young Scientists in Universities, Ministry of Education, China

2010 Shuguang Scholar Program (Grant No. 10SG02, PI, 2 years),  Shanghai Educational Development Foundation, China

2008 Member of the Echelon of Shanghai Excellent Young University Teachers, Education Commission of Shanghai Municipality, China


Representative Publications:

1. Wei Lin and Guanrong Chen. Using White Noise to Enhance Synchronization of Coupled Chaotic Systems. CHAOS, 16, Art. No. 013134 (2006).

2.  Wei Lin, Jianhong Wu, and Guanrong Chen [2007] Generalized Snap-Back Repeller and Semi-Conjugacy to Shift Operators of Piecewise Continuous Transformations, Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems-Series A, vol.19, pp.103.

3. Wei Lin and Guanrong Chen [2009] Large Memory Capacity in Chaotic Artificial Neural Networks: A View of the Anti-Integrable Limit, IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks, Regular Paper, vol. 20, pp.1340.

4.Wei Lin and Huanfei Ma [2010] Synchronization between Adaptively Coupled Systems with Discrete and Distributed Time-Delays, IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, Regular Paper, Vol. 55, pp.819.

5.Jing Kang, Bing Xu, Ye Yao, Wei Lin, Conor Hennessy, Peter Fraser, and Jianfeng Feng [2011] A Dynamical Model Reveals Gene Colocalizations in Nucleus, PLoS Computational Biology, vol. 7, Article no. e1002094.