The fundamental law of data

The research achievements from nature or human society are stored in cyberspace in the form of data, which forms datanature. The exploration of datanature will be on a higher level than before, allowing us to examine whether many principles and laws in nature also can be found in datanature, such as prime numbers, the Fibonacci sequence, the golden ratio, the Pareto principle, etc, be also available in datanature (e.g., DNA data tribe). This topic includes research on datanature size, the growth patterns of data, the truth of data, data growth's impact on human society (e.g., how does data growth affect energy sources?), etc. These problems are not discussed in the natural and social sciences.

The classification of data and data encyclopedia

Classifying data is helpful in understanding datanature. This intent of this topic is to research the standard for data classification, the ontology of data, the construction of data en-cyclopedia, etc.