Training Objectives

This discipline aims to cultivate high-level expertise for universities and research institutions, and also transport personnel who engaged in research on data technology and management to the national key enterprises and high-tech industries. Degree recipients should have a solid theoretical basis of profound of data science, and have in-depth understanding of the development status, frontiers and dynamic in this field both at home and abroad, systemic master the professional knowledge of the discipline, able to creatively study or solve theoretical problems and engineering problems. Having the ability to undertake independent scientific research and teaching work, and organization and management skills for scientific research and technology development.



Shanghai Key Laboratory of Data Science (Fudan University) recruits Doctoral Candidates, Master Degree Candidates, and Undergraduates.

Students who are interested in scientific, engineering and technology are welcome to join us. Laboratory will establish research groups according to students’ interests and expertise to report the latest scientific advances and progresses. We have the wishes that everyone can improve research capacity, the project capacity, and lay a solid foundation for the further study at the Shanghai Key Laboratory of Data Science .