Academic conferences

The Key Laboratory has played an important role in promoting international academic exchange in data science field, and in 2010 we sponsored and managed the "International Workshop on Dataology and Data Science (IWDDS,". In 2014, we also sponsored and managed "International Conference on Data Science (ICDS,".


International Workshop on Dataology and Data Science

We are experiencing an era of big data.  Big data brings great challenges and many new problems for current data processing technology.  New theories and methodologies are urgently demanded, We call the new area of research as data science and dataology). Under this situation, we started a workshop (International Workshop on Dataology and Data Science" ( Annual conference ) in 2010 . Professor Yangyong Zhu, the lab director, is the founder and the president of the Workshop. The main goal of the workshop is to explore appearing phenomenon and rules of datanature as well as some fundamental theoretic issues in data science.  The annual Workshop has attracted attentions from many research fields and oversea researchers from USA, Japan, Canada, Australia, Spain, and domestic researchers from Hong Kong and Fudan University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Wuhan University, Xiamen University, Donghua University, and Zhongshan University.


Trans-disciplinary Forum

"Trans-disciplinary Forum" is initiated and organized by the Area 96. It aimed at gathering scientists of different academic backgrounds, regardless of disciplinary boundaries, to explore innovations and changes on existing scientific research and discipline development by data science, furthermore, to promote cross-disciplinary and integration. Trans-disciplinary means that it will completely break the boundaries of disciplines and attempt to construct a brand new interpretation framework and research paradigm based on references to the concepts and theories of various disciplines. In the era of big data, it is possible for us to bring innovative influences to current disciplines and research findings by using full-sampled data resources and continuously progressed data acquisition and data mining techniques.

Cutting-Edge Technology Closed-door  Conferance (CETC Conference)

CETC conference aims to establish science and technology think-tank, to provide professional consult for science and technology policy-making process in government. Chair of the meeting will be responsible for the implementation of the program and the meeting is mainly in the form of keynote speech, panel and group discussions. We will discuss one of the top-10 hottest cutting-edge research problems as the main theme of the meeting. The meeting will be held once a month, last two days and around twenty attendees