Management of Open Project


Shanghai Key Laboratory of Data Science (Fudan University) is dedicated to the research of data science with focuses on its theories, methods and techniques. The Open Project is open to both domestic and oversea researchers.  To promote academic exchange, we establish Open-Project Funds to support scientists to involve with key lab and participate with the research projects both independently or jointly.


Explicit protocols are as follows:

1)    Open Project Application Process:

Applicants must have doctorate degree or worked as associate professor at his or her affliction institute. Researchers (domestic or oversee) in field of data science that satisfy the above requirements can submit a research proposal according to project guide. After approval by the Academic Committee, it could be listed officially as the open projects of the key lab.


Applicant deadlines is March 15th of the year, please send application form (3 copies) to our office for further consideration.    The application material will be reviewed by the academic committee and final result will be released by May of the year. Once the project proposal has been approved, the funds recipient will submit a detailed research plan and determined a detailed work schedule at the key lab.   

2) Project funding and execution time

The amount of funding supported for each open project is about 10-200 thousand RMB. The project duration is normally two years. In addition to apply the open project in the specified time slot each year, it is also possible to apply to the open-project at the key lab at any time for special cases. Funding is determined in a case by case manner.


3) Funds Management

After the approval of an open project, research funds are not disbursed to the applicants affiliation institutions, instead, could only be used and arranged by the funds recipient at the key lab. Funds of an open-project could only be used on activates related to the project, such as paying for experiments materials, special instrument, transportations, lodging and expense allowance for visiting researchers. The funds will be disbursed twice: applicants will receive 30% of the total funds at date of open-project funding announcement. After you have published one research paper (or accepted), the remained 70% of the funds will be disburse. If your open-project failed to accomplish due to some reasons, the remaining 70% budget will be transferred to fund a new open project. For some open-projects with exceptional success, we will recommend to academic committees to support project with additional fundings.


4) Annual progress reports and final reports

An open-project recipient needs to submit a progress report of the previous year to the key lab before May 1st and also needs to submit a final report once the project is accomplished.


5) Equipment & Facility

An open-project researcher could use various facilities and devices in the key lab that he or she will fully comply with regulations of the key lab.


6) Experiment documents

Copyrights for all related experiment documents and records are belonged to the key lab. Participants have to comply with data management regulations of the key lab.


7) Research Result Management

1. All published work, the key lab B has to be listed as authors primary affliction institution.  The key lab has the priority ownerships of any awards, patents and technology transfer produced under Open Project Fund.

2. Acceptable research result should mainly in the form of high-quality papers. For each open-project, at least two papers need to be published and one of them needs to be ranked at least second-tier according to CCF.

3. All published papers for open-projects should indicate the following content in the footnotes of the first page: Supported by the Open Project Program of Shanghai Key Laboratory of Data Science, Fudan University (No. 201*0906*****).

8) Others

The key lab is responsible for the interpretation of above regulations.