Director/Deputy director: responsible for routine management and making action plans.

Academic Committee: Holding the academic meeting at least once per year, mainly discussing the annual work and development directions, determining academic activities, and guiding future research plan.

Office: Responsible for the administration, human resource, logistic service and financial work; responsible for organizing the application of projects, academic exchanges, academic conferences and journals, open-projects, flow of researchers; responsible for the enrollment and management of graduate students.

Data resources management center: responsible for the collections and management of data resources, the constructions of benchmark data, and the maintenance of daily operations.

Fundamental theories research lab: focusing on the research of fundamental theories including data similarity, measurement of data, data algebra and methodology of data science.

Data Method lab: exploring the methods of data used for the natural and social sciences

Datanature research lab: studying the rules of datanature, data taxonomy and security of datanature

Big data research lab: studying big data techniques and its applications.

Pseudo data security research center: studying on data security

Enterprise joint lab: providing support for social and economic development, and undertake technical development projects.