The Shanghai Key Laboratory of Data Science, Fudan University (also named Area 96) is the first key laboratory in the field of data science supported by the Chinese government. She was established on September 6th, 2013 supported by Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission. Area 96 originated from the Dmgroup, initiated by Prof. Yangyong Zhu in 1994. Since then, the group has focused on data mining. In 2007, the Dmgroup was upgraded to the Research Center for Dataology and DataScience, which was the first research center focused on research of theory, methodology as well as technology in the field of data science.


The main research areas include fundamentals of data science, exploration of datanature, and data technologies and applications. Researchers are from Computer Science, Economics, Mathematics, Management, Journalism, Psychology, Chemistry, Philosophy, and so on. As an open platform for data science research, Area 96 has invited a number of scholars to conduct joint scientific research and short term visiting.


The Shanghai Key Laboratory of Data Science is a major part of Shanghai’s three-year action plan to promote research and development in big data (2013-2015), and participates in Shanghai’s Smart City Planning. Her mission is to grasp core technology in data science and apply data analysis on various fields including intelligent transportation, finance, medical healthcare, smart city, etc.