Assessing and Visualizing Online Code Examples at Scale

报告题目:Assessing and Visualizing Online Code Examples at Scale

主讲嘉宾:Tianyi Zhang Ph.D., Computer Science at University of California, Los Angeles



报告摘要:Library APIs are becoming the fundamental building blocks in modern software development. Developers often search for online code examples to learn APIs. Even though programming communities such as Stack Overflow and GitHub have accumulated a large number of code examples, developers are only capable of reviewing a handful of them due to limited time and attention. In this talk, I will present our recent work that assesses and visualizes online code examples to provide a comprehensive view of API usage. First, I will present a system called Example Check that mines common API usage patterns from 380K Java projects and detects API usage violations in Stack Overflow posts. Our empirical study shows that 31% of SO code snippets have potential API usage violations that could produce symptoms such as program crashes and resource leaks, indicating the risk of following online code examples as-is. Then I will present a novel visualization interface called Examplore that allows programmers to explore hundreds of API usage examples simultaneously. In a within-subject user study, participants using Examplore answer questions about API usage more accurately and comprehensively.

关于嘉宾:Tianyi Zhang is a Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science at University of California, Los Angeles, advised by Professor Miryung Kim. Previously, he was a Ph.D. student at The University of Texas at Austin, and received his bachelor's degree in Information Security from Huazhong University of Science and Technology. His research interests are software engineering and human-computer interaction, with a particular focus on software evolution, mining software repositories, information delivery and visualization.


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